in vitro

Thierry Coduys

Artist, musician, new technology expert, Thierry Coduys specializes in collaborative and multidisciplinary projects where interactivity meets the contemporary arts.

Since 1986, he has worked closely with the avant-garde of contemporary music (e.g. Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich) to realise electro-acoustic and computer systems for live performance and installation.
After a few years spent at the IRCAM in Paris as a researcher, he becomes Luciano Berio’s assistant. Building on his experience of the contemporary art scene, he creates his own structure in 1999: an artistic research and technology centre called ‘La Kitchen’, where artists from a variety of disciplines (e.g music, dance, theatre, video, network) can come and develop projects in collaboration with the team.
In 2007, Thierry launches ‘le hub’ as he endeavours to carry out his projects within a fresh, flexible and open framework. ‘Le hub’ is a platform for reflection and experimentation as well as the central piece of a network through which a diversity of artistic, scientific and engineering disciplines are being brought together.

Thierry Coduys is currently collaborating with French composer Pascal Dusapin (since 2002), with italian composer Ivan Fedele (since 2000), as well as with Marc Monnet (since the 80’s) and theatre director Jean-François Peyret (since 2001).

He is also director of the technology department for the ‘x-réseau’ project at the ‘Paris-Villette’ theatre, member of AFIM’s (The French computer music organization) board of trustees, consultant for OSEO (French governmental organization for supporting innovation) and course director (sound scenography) at ENS Louis Lumière (France’s audio engineering school)

Finally, Thierry is developing ‘IanniX’ (GNU GPL application), an interactive software interface, inspired by the UPIC of Iannis Xenakis.

Antoine Bertin

Antoine Bertin is an artist specializing in sound. He is particularly interested in the idea of  ‘sonic distance’ and in finding ways of (re)connecting places together, physically and emotionally. Born 1985 in Paris, he currently lives in London. Antoine joined le hub in January 2011, eager to be involved in a project that has the potential to bring ideas, sounds and artists from both London and Paris together.